Originally founded in 1991 by Mark Achbar, Francis Miquet and Peter Wintonick, Necessary Illusions Productions Inc. is a film and television company that develops, produces and distributes media on a wide range of social, cultural and political issues. Francis Miquet and Peter Wintonick are currently partners in the company.

Necessary Illusions also promotes the development of independently produced media, assisting individuals and groups to create and use media for positive social change.

Since its inception, Necessary Illusions Productions has partnered extensively with Canadian and international film agencies and foundations such as the SODEC, Telefilm Canada and the Soros Fund to produce some of Canada's most successful and internationally recognized documentary films. The films of Necessary Illusions have been released theatrically in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and Australia and broadcast around the world on numerous free and cable networks such as the CBC, ARTE, Channel 4, RAI Italia and the Sundance Channel.

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